Friday, June 18, 2010

Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption

Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption

Everyone buy a Wendy's Frosty this weekend - Every Frosty purchase donates 50 cents towards the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

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Monday, June 14, 2010

2nd done - 1 to go

Bryan and I participated in our 2nd of 3 home studies recently, which brings us closer to getting on the waiting list. At the beginning of the meeting our social worker gave us a heads up that many questions would be intrusive, so Bryan and I were both a little hesitant as to what we would be talking about. Through this meeting we had to discuss how Bryan and I met, dated, became engaged and finally married - an easy subject to start the meeting off with. It reminded us of the journey that we have already taken together. The conversation and questions ask, though very personal, were necessary for us to see and talk about how we relate to each other - - in particular, how we get through stressful situations together. Thinking about all of the things we have already experienced together made us realize how strong of a couple we are and exactly why we will be able to handle all of the ups and downs throughout this process. But, we also realized that sometimes we are strong for each other, when it might be ok to let our guard down. The meeting was a very good way for us to mentally prepare ourselves for the process to becoming parents. It made us think...every expecting parent should go through this, what a way to strengthen a marriage and prepare for a family! Next up...3rd and final home study...tentative date: July 7th. Stay tuned!